Steviol Glycosides can be used in a remarkable variety of applications with it’s excellent profile of inherent properties . In Japan today, Stevia is no longer used just as a sweetener, but as a common food ingredient.

It is Natural

-Healthy , Naturally extracted and Non-caloric.  What better choice than Stevia to have on your ingredient list or product label?


  • Replace or reduce sugar and calories in juices, sports drinks, dairy, tea and coffee.
  • Its high sweetening power helps to reduce costs as you use less sugar to achieve the same sweetness.
  • Perfect sweetener for diabetics and diabetic formula foods.
  • Enhances taste profile of citrus, sour and salt based drinks, discover the synergizing effects with different ingredients in beverages.


  • Provides a long and lingering sweetness, great for the production of sugarless chewing gums.
  • Reduced sugar candies.

Pastries and Cereals

  • Stevia can preserve the crispiness and crunchiness of cookies and crackers when use in place of sugar.
  • Increase palatability effect,
  • High heat resistance allows for baking without browning.

Sweetener Blends

  • Mix with other sweeteners to improve taste while reducing calories.
  • Non-caloric table top sweeteners. Jovia

Preserved Foods

  • It’s large molecular weight makes it harder to be absorbed into preserved or canned food. This helps to retain the original taste and freshness of the food.
  • It prevents the stickiness and fermentation normally caused by sucrose.


  • Stevia reduces high blood pressure by anti-arrhythmic effects on heart function.
  • Use to mask of certain unpleasant taste of medicine

Mouthwash, Tooth Pastes

  • Use to sweeten toothpastes and mouthwash as its non-cariogenic  properties prevents tooth decay.