Our Partners

SteviaPac takes pride in the strong relationships we have established with our partners , reliability and emphasis on product quality management has been a foundation of our business.

As one of the earlier and still existing independent producer of Stevia, these principles have guided us though the years and built us into a reliable and consistent company.

Our production uses water based extraction technique, to preserve the natural essence of Stevia.

The leafs are first soaked in water to form a concentrate. The solution is then sent through layers of membrane filtration to remove particles, followed by ion exchange process before spray drying to obtain the final extracts in powder form.

We recognize the importance of traceability and record keeping from raw material to end product.

You can be confident in SteviaPac’s products as our facilities are registered GMP/ ISO 22000 and HACCP certified . We continue to adhere to stringent safety requirement as our Quality Control department rigorously tests sample from every batch . Our extracts consistently matched accredited third party international standards.


  • GB/T 22000-2006/ ISO 22000:2005
  • GMP
  • Capacity over 500 tons extracts a year