Our Community

Most of the Stevia extracts produced in the world today are from China. Our 2 high capacity production facilities in Dongtai, near the southern Jiang Su Province is situated in close proximity to one of the largest Stevia plantation regions.

Known for its vast fertile soil and well irrigated systems, there is a strong advantage of an interlinked community of farmers , cultivation experts and agricultural research institutions.

We respect the value of such relationships, mindful of how our integration can positively impact the local farmers.  We involve ourselves from the ground up, strengthening close links to ensure reliability of supply and mutual benefits to the farming communities.

As we know, the taste of Stevia depends largely on the type of raw material and the extraction processes. The Stevia we use is a uniquely cultivated 3rd generation strain which contains a much higher composition of Rebaudioside A, the premium sweetening agent in this amazing herb.

SteviaPac does not compromise on leaf quality and are very particular on the source of our raw materials. That is why we choose our Stevia that are non GM, grown using organic principles. There is no usage of synthetic fertilizers, nor pesticides.