A Sweet Journey – The Stevia Story


Creation are abound with its many gifts, Curiosity breeds discovery. We believe it is how and where we choose to look. For centuries, the Stevia leaf has been appreciated for its sweetening properties by the ingenious Indians of South America.  The Japanese, innovative in their ways, were the first to extract the leaves for it’s glycosides to use as food additives.

In 1992, Mr S.G Tan from Singapore believed in the good benefits of this miracle herb and saw vast potential in it’s development during a visit to a plantation in China. He helped to organize the communities and partners in the early days of the Stevia agricultural development. SteviaPac was established with the idea of creating the best extracts from high quality Stevia leaves.

Over the years with improved technologies and manufacturing processes, Steviapac understands the changing needs of the consumer.

Today , more and more are choosing the benefits of Stevia as a healthy, non caloric sugar replacement in everyday diet.

Our passion in great food provides the inspiration for innovative solutions catered to your needs and maximize the value of your products in the market.